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A Fighter Lyrics

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A Fighter Lyric

Gwyneth Paltrow Lyrics
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A Fighter They say you get stronger in the broken places
when you lean into the crisis that your facing
In your weakness your made strong
They say when you've fallen off a horse
The first thing you gotta do of course is
Climb right back on

Baby we been letting go
When we should be hanging tough
When it comes to our love, I ain't
giving up, giving up, giving up

I'm a, I'm a fighter
I must admit I didn't see it coming now face to face
And baby I ain't running
I won't do that anymore
Cause I'm a fighter
This loves worth fighting for

I could back down and fall to pieces
Just to fire with a million reasons
You know that's what I used to do
Ohh but I believe we can go the distance
Not take the path of least resistance
I'll be right here for you

Ohh I'm a, I'm a fighter
I'm a, I'm a fighter
This loves worth fighting for

Oooooo I'm a fighter
I'm a fighter
I'm a, I'm a fighter
This loves worth fighting for

I'm a fighter
Ooh I'm a fighter
I'm a fighter
Ooh I'm a fighter

[Thanks to Haylee for lyrics]
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