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Rise Above it Lyrics

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Rise Above it

Lock, Stock and Barrel Lyrics
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Rise Above it Rise rise rise rise

Well, if you've got a problem, you've got to rise above it

When you face a challenge, you've got to rise above it
When you're back against a wall, only way to go is up
Rise above it, come on and rise above it!

When you think you know your mind is really made up
When your dues have already been paid
Gotta know where to go where angels fear to tread
Only you and me against the world, against it all

If you've got a problem, you've got to rise above it
And when you face a challenge you've got to rise above it
When the sea bubblin high, all around is running dry
Rise above it! Come on and rise above it

When the road seems very long and narrow
Better make the shot go straight just like an arrow

[Thanks to Louisa for lyrics]
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Lock, Stock and Barrel Rise Above it Lyrics

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