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Never Told You

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Never Told You Song Lyrics

Catman Cohen
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Never Told You Tired of talking
‘bout weather
Other trivial things

Tired of talking
‘bout food
The price of tangerines

You may outlive
This aging man
Before I go
Please understand

Never told you how
I love you
When I held you
In the dark

Never told you how
I love you
I was never
Very smart

I never told you how
I love you
When I kissed your
Baby face

Never told you how
I love you
And I pray it’s
Not too late

I would tell you,
“That’s what men do…manly men don’t say, ‘I love you’”
That was my alibi
But what men do should be corrected
What men do can’t be accepted
If it makes your woman cry

Tired of talking
‘bout scandals
Rumors of the day

Tired of talking
‘bout old mistakes
Who deserves the blame?

The Winter of our lives
Is drawing near
Let’s change it to Spring
From year to year

Now I’m telling you
I love you
Though the words are coming late

I’m telling you
I love you
And it feels so good to say

I’ll love you in the morning
Love you through the night
I will love you through the tears
And all the tragedies of life

I’ll stay with you forever
Love you every day
Love you, love you, love you
It feels so good to say

Love you, love you, love you, baby

Feels so good to say…..


[Thanks to Linda for lyrics]
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