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Powerful Stuff

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Powerful Stuff Song Lyrics

Fabulous Thunderbirds
Cocktail Soundtrack - Movie, 1990
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Powerful Stuff She walks down the street a knockin' em dead
Store window dummies even turn their heads
Shure Enuff Powerful Stuff
When I saw her I burned my black book
Made a blind man take a second look
Shure Enuff I think I'm in love and that's Powerful Stuff

Nogahide Skirt, black stack heels
Red cooper hair, dig that wig its unreal
Shure Enuff Powerful Stuff
Ole man Atlas holding up the world
He dropped everything for that girl
Shure Enuff I think I'm in love and its Powerful Stuff

Hip Shakin' Whip Snakin' Cooked my Goose
I tell you that babe shes a fine papoose.
I love her mind , but here's the deal
Shes got the kind of groove like the batmobile.

She opens her eyes and turns on the juice
Pullin' like a magnet and she don't turn loose
Shure Enuff Powerful Stuff
When she starts rockin'
Don't touch that dial
She's a humming, but a giving
What a Woman Child
Shure Enuff I think I'm in love
I think I'm in love I think I'm in love
And it's Powerful Stuff
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