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In the Beginning Lyrics


In the Beginning Song Lyrics

Japheth & Yonah:
This step is one again our first
We set our feet upon a virgin land
We hold the promise of the earth
In our hands...

Add Noah & Mama:
No flood from heaven comes again
No deluge will destroy and purify
We hold the fate of man and men
In our hands...

Add Family:
Now at this dawn so green and glad
We pray that we may long remember
How lovely was the wrold we had
In the beginning...

All except Father:
Of all the gifts we have received
One is most precious and most terrible
The will of each of us is free
It's in our hands

And if one day we hear a voice
If he shouold speak again, our silent father
All he will tell us is the choice
Is in our hands

Our hands can choose to drop the knife
Our hearts can choose to stop the hating
For ev'ry moment of our life
Is the beginning...

There is no journey gone so far
So far we cannot stop and change direction
No doom is written in the stars

All except Father:
It's in our hands...

We cannot know what wil occur
Just make the journey worth the taking
And pray we're wiser than we were
In the beginning
It's the beginning
Now we begin...

Children of Eden
Grant us your pardon
All that we leave to you
is the unknown

Children of Eden
Seek for your garden
You and your children to come
Some day to come home

[Thanks to watupninja for lyrics]

[Thanks to Rob for corrections]

Children Of Eden Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1998
In the Beginning Lyrics by Children Of Eden Cast from Children Of Eden Soundtrack (1998). Rating: 4.5/5 (22 votes)