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New Clouds, Not Clouds

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New Clouds, Not Clouds Song Lyrics

Spiral Beach
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New Clouds, Not Clouds New clouds, come out, and f**k away the frowns.
Hot clouds come down on a pillow that surrounds.

(chorus) must be an embarrassment, must be an embarrassment.
Just try to smile your sound is just a style

new clouds to wrap my head around to walk out on that dirty sound.
I can't sit down, I won't stand up I'm out.
get soft, get soft, or get someone to shout.
Chorus x2

new clouds, hot clouds 3x
clouds to wrap my head around to walk out on that dirty sound.
new clouds to wrap my head around.

New clouds, hot clouds.

[Thanks to Torie for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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