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Umbrella Song Lyrics

Dog's Eye View
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Umbrella Did you like the flowers I sent?
You could've called to thank me,
well you could've called.

I tried to kiss you
on Brooklyn Avenue,
but you got in your car, before I could move.

I've been falling like the rain,
but you've got your umbrella in my way.

Fists and fingers, tongues and teeth.
I want to see you, I'm tired of my dreams;
nights of wishing, I could open my mouth
and when I finally did speak, you were nowhere to be found.

I've been falling like the rain--
you've got your umbrella in my way again

I had the sun in my hands
I had the sun in my hands
'til you said you liked the rain.
I had it all in my hands, I had it all
but I gave it all away.

Did I scare you off, by being honest?
how come we never see the end, 'til it's right there upon us?
If you want, I can go away,
but like the rain, I'll come again some other day.

I've been falling like the rain--
you've got your umbrella in my way again.
One of these days I'm going to come along in the middle of sunshine and be a
little sunshower
make you rise up like a flower, and you can be my little daisy, be my daisy.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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