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Strange Religion

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Strange Religion Song Lyrics

Mark Lanegan
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Strange Religion Can you stay here next to me?

We'll just keep drivin'

Because of you I see a light

The Buick's a Century, a '73 like you

Some strange religion

I get my hands on some money momma, and a shot in the night

Stared down the past and just scarred my eyes

Now I know there's no easy ride

She's been the kind who would take it in stride

Some jack of diamonds kicked her heart around

Did they know they were walking on holy ground?

Almost called it a day so many times

Didn't know what it felt like to be alive

'Til you been a friend to me, like nobody else could be

Keep my hands on the wheel now momma

Gonna honestly try

She looked past the scars and the burned out eyes

You could see I'm no easy ride

She's just the kind who might get you to buy

Some strange religion

This jack of diamonds kicked her heart around

Shoulda known they were walking on holy ground

This life might eventually just be the end of me, will I still be with you

Get in next to me, just keep driving

Cause of you I been alive

And this Buick's a Century, '73 like you

Some strange religion

The Buick's a Century, '73 like you

Some strange religion
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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