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Two Left Shoes Lyrics

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Two Left Shoes Lyric

Rza feat. The Reverend William Burk, Truth Hurts Lyrics
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Two Left Shoes [The Reverend William Burk]
Yo, what's today's mathematics, two plus square
And truth is the only light that can stand by itself
And it's surrounded in darkness, every note is shining
In the square, in the universe, which is 360 degrees
The God builds, you want truth, then stand
Perpendicular to a square, check it

[Chorus: Truth Hurts]
They gon' hate you on the daily
Man, this sh*t is crazy
It ain't worth with me stealing you
You can sip until I'm cloudy
Just so I can maintain
He's living for his life, and in two left shoes
He's living for his life, and in two left shoes
He's living for his life, and in two left shoes
He's living for his life, and in two left shoes

I love my niggas to death, down to the last breath
But the last breath, I'mma save for myself
You fake snakes, only come around when they need you
Savages, biting off the hand that feeds you
Come amongst the righteous, trynna spread that eagle
Blinded by the love all these years, but now I see you
For who you be and what you are to me
Separate magnet, trying to get a charge off me
In the old days, I would give a charge for free
But nowaday, I'm charging you a hundred G
Wu-Tang is permanent, I'm the illuminated firmament
Known to chop heads off at the hip hop tournament


From a small water cocoon, bent to the shape of a quarter moon
The small water cracked it, placed above the womb
I was fashioned by Allah, all men's are created equal
The tricking with the lies, and separated the people
Escaped today's peril, and said in today's herald
Someone trying to sue Mr. Robert Fitzgerald
The supreme original intelligent, the Prince RZA
Somehow mistake me for an old wise wizard
I put love, up against everything
I put love, upon the angel wings
I put love, behind the diamond rings
Your true love, none is will come between

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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