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Strangers When We Meet

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Strangers When We Meet Song Lyrics

David Bowie
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Strangers When We Meet All my friends
Now seem so thin and frail
Slinky secrets
Hotter than the sun
No peachy prayers
No trendy rechauffe
I'm with you
So I can't go on

All my violence
Raining tears upon the sheet
I'm bewildered/resentful
For we're strangers when we meet

Blank screen TV
Preening ourselves in the snow
Forget my name
But I'm over you
Blended sunrise
And it's a dying world
Humming Rheingold
We scavenge up our clothes

Cold tired fingers
Tapping out your memories
Halfway sadness
Dazzled by the new
Your embrace
Was all that I feared
That whirling room
We trade by vendu

Steely resolve
Is falling from me
My poor soul
All bruised passivity
All your regrets
Ride rough-shod over me
I'm so glad
That we're strangers when we meet
I'm so thankful
That we're strangers when we meet
I'm in clover
For we're strangers when we meet
Heel head over
And we're strangers when we meet
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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