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Back in the City, Pt. 2 Lyrics


Back in the City, Pt. 2 Song Lyrics

Monstrous events are scheduled
Monstrous event are scheduled for tonight
I gotta date a half past eight with Natalie and Slinky Inga
Before it’s late I wanna have the wrapped around my pinky finger
I need a favor, Jamie
My cousin Vicky, she’s in town tonight
I think you’ll like her flavor
So could you entertain her?
Meet her at nine for a cocktail or three
Could you do that for me, Jamie?
There’s a gram in it man
And she’s quite whoopdedoo
A philosophy major at Princeton U
Get up and get back in the city
Time to get back on the town
Back in the town here such plenty goes down
And we’ve got plenty to go around
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Bright Lights, Big City Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2005
Back in the City, Pt. 2 Lyrics from Bright Lights, Big City Soundtrack (2005). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)