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Fallacies Song Lyrics

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Fallacies Black is the color and beauty is the game,
The beasties come to get me, but I don't feel their pain.

The hotel sign is flickering, it beckons from above,
The master of my own domain, I sow my seeds of love.

Your eyes burn like daggers through the triumph of my will,
Your hands they smell like gasoline, they cause my love to spill.

All your lies won't set you free,

The windy wind is blowing and the bed springs creek their tune,
My cup is overflowing, shooting putty at the moon.

At the crystal palace where I try to make my stand,
My girls all call you Yokels, say you're gonna kill the band.

Work makes three they're telling me, I 've got no place to start,
Oh, how do I escape you little Fuhrer of my heart?

None for you and ten for me,
all your lies won't set you free,
From fallacies,

Black is the color and beauty is the game,
The beasties come to get me, but I can't feel their pain.

I like my Funyuns salty, like my Jolly Ranchers grape,
Can't say I really dig the way my brain you tried to rape.

I hang out 'though I know I waste my everlasting soul
Cause I love your crabby panties and you pack a righteous bowl.

Fallacies, fallacies, fallacies, fallacies..
Fallacies, fallacies, fallacies, fallacies..

Wars and conflicts,
Clowns and convicts,
Planets dying,
Popes and bankers,
Spilling tankers,
Excuse my manners,
Here comes the hammer!!!

(spoken) "It's all one big fallacy yo."

[Thanks to Dano for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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