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Didn't I Lyrics

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Didn't I Lyric

Darondo Lyrics
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Didn't I Didn't I treat you right now
Didn't I
Didn't I do the best I could
Didn't I
Didn't I give ya everything
Didn't I
I tried my best just to be a man
Didn't I

Didn't I do it baby
Didn't I do right
why you wanna leave me baby
Didn't I treat you right

I bought you diamond rings
Everything, that a woman could need
I bought you cars, cloths, a home
when things were rough for me I kept all **** and back again

Didn't I
Didn't I
Didn't I
Didn't I

There's something wrong with you
Tell Me
Bring me all your troubles girl
You look bad, you should be glad
Your leading man, always be glad, Sit by home
and let me kiss ya lovely lips

Didn't I do it baby
Didn't I do right
why you wanna leave me baby
They say I didn't treat you right

So much you mean to me
that you don't know
talk to me

[Thanks to Mims for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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