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Hangin' Out Lyrics

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Hangin' Out Lyric

2 Live Crew Lyrics
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Hangin' Out "It's not the way to do it!"
"Shut up b**ch!"
"Yeahhhhh boyyyyy!"
"You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge."
"This is serious business."
"Come by boy!"

[Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice]
Hangin' on the corner, lookin' real sporty
Coolin' with the fellas while downin' a 40
Nothing to do, just killin' time
Sittin' on my ride with my hand on my 9
Gettin' a buzz, feelin' kinda nice
Homie dropped a 20, so we shot some dice
We played for a while, 'till my luck was out
So the b**ches walked by and my di*k popped out
Rankin' on the b**ches hanging in the street
It's feedin' time, so hoe, come eat
Nibble on this di*k, make me just say please
You know how it's done, like a rat does cheese
The hoe started buggin', jumped in my face
Since the boys were stressin', I had to punch her in the face
Grabbed the weave, stuffed it in her mouth
Don't f**k with the Kid while I'm hangin' out!

[Interval: Marquis talking. Most of his words are indistinct.]

[Verse 2: Brother Marquis]
Me and my nigga, rollin' hard
Hangin' out, the whole nine yards
I'm smokin' a fat one, takin' a 40 to the head
Watch out, fool, get shot dead
And b**ches clownin', cryin' and all that
But yet, still, I keep my gat
Rollin' real hard in a six-tre ('63)
Motherf**kin' punk, step out my way
And all you fools in the game, you silly-ass lames
You can't f**k with me; I'm wild and not tame
Like a savage beast, I'm out on the street
So, motherf**ker, what's up with that? You wanted beef?
Punk, you got a problem? I'll solve 'em!
I pulled his gat; his life cost him
So don't f**k with me while I'm around in the back
I'm always strapped when I'm hangin' out!
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