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Somebody Stand By Me Lyrics

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Somebody Stand By Me Lyric

Stevie Nicks Lyrics
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Somebody Stand By Me I stood at the door
And watched while you drove away
Driving my car in the rain, in the dark
Well, every dog seems to have her day.

I've been in this, alone so long
And I'm begining to wonder why
I stand in one place a different name -- a different face
No one's gonna see me cry

I need someone to stand by me
Stand by me, just one time.
I hope somebody stands by me
Stands by me, just one time
I don't understand, it's slipping through these hands
I think by now I know when to let go
All I know is here I am baby
Won't you stand by me?

I'm not bending tonight
But I'm twisted and turned and broken down
But I'm starting to know the sound of something
No one and yet everything

Well if God is here tonight -- are you here tonight?
Maybe you could grab me up
Stand me on my feet give me strength
Set me free
I'm not giving in till I've had enough

[Thanks to yink884@yahoo.com for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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