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Romeo Lyrics

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Romeo Lyric

Dawn Landes Lyrics
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Romeo Romeo, Romeo
Waiting all the day by the telephone
I don't know, I don't know
Should I hang around or should I go?

Romeo, Romeo
Remember all the things that you told me although
How did it go? How did it go?
Waiting all the day by the telephone

Waiting all the day just feel it let down, let down...
What goes around, comes around, comes around.

You've got it coming and I won't stop it, no

Romeo, Romeo
Waiting right here watching the grass grow
How does it go? How does it go?
I'm another day older and deeper and ooh

Romeo, Romeo
Calling it out laud on the radio
I don't know, I don't know
Should I send the love, it's so new
Should I send the love?
No, above this one, so love

Just remember although, Romeo
You've got it comingo
And I won't stop it, no


Sixteen times the body gets
Another day older and deeper regret
Why don't you come?
Cause I won't go
I don't know my soul, no no Romeo
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