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Tonight is Right Lyrics

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Tonight is Right Lyric

Keith Washington Lyrics
Boomerang Soundtrack - Movie, 1992
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Tonight is Right Tonight is right
Let's take our time
Tonight is mine and yours

I got my candles
I got my fire
Ev'rything's set
Set to your heart's desire
I got sweet music
Turn the lights down low
So damn romantic
What more can one ask for?
Ain't no hurry
We can't take it slow
'Cause we know where we're going
And we know where we wanna go
I've got plans for you
And you've got plans fo me
So let's get it on
And let's kick it off
Do what we gotta do
Oh don't you know

Tonight is right
Let's take our time
Tonight is right
And it's right for makin' love
Tonight is right
Tonight is right
Let's take our time
Tonight is mine and yours

I got this champagne
And the table's set
Have a nice little dinner
Before we get down to sex
And when you get ready
We can have foreplay
We can play all night long
Before we go all the way
Ain't no hurry
We can take our time
'Cuase you know where we're headed
And you know what's on my mind
I gotta thing fot you
And you gotta thing for me
So let's get it on
Let's kick it off
Do what we gotta do baby
Don't you know


I want it bad as you want
So bad I can taste your love
Here I am baby
Tonight you're mine
I'll make you love me baby
Now can you handle it
Tonight is the night
So hold on, hold on
Don't you know

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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