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Da Freak Lyrics

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Da Freak Lyric

Da Shortiez f/ 69 Boyz Lyrics
Blue Streak Soundtrack - Movie, 1995
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Da Freak La da di, la da dow... [8x]

[69 Boyz]
Right about now, it's about that time
For everybody in the house to get in a line
On the floor, ya know this what we talkin' about
If the ? is the 6-9, then we came to freak you out

[Da Shortiez]
If you're ready, if you're not
It don't matter, here we come
It's that naughty group of shorties
And we're beatin' like a drum
With them golds in control
All the pretty girls hard
And they get the number one position on the rap chart
At the same time, hit you with the bass and the beat
That make you move your feet, and turn you into freaks
Hands down, 85
Without a doubt
Got them shorties in the house
And we came to freaky you out

[1] - I wanna do, somethin' freaky to you
I'm willing to do, whatever you want me to

I wanna do, somethin' freaky to you
Do things that you, never thought I would do

[69 Boyz]
From Columbus to Atlanta, back across to Alabama
It's the true ?summer under age?
Man, I'm from Atlanta
That got you actin' freaky in the club at the bar
We even got y'all actin' freaky ridin' in your car

[Da Shortiez]
Yeah, you know it
Think you don't when you do
But even if you don't, I bet you will before we through
Hands down, 85
Without a doubt
Got them shorties in the house
And we came to freaky you out

[Repeat 1]

La da di, la da dow... [8x]

[69 Boyz]
Step back, you're 'bout to see some shorties rock the mic in such a way
Don't it make you wanna bump 'em everyday
But that's okay, cuz now you know what to expect
We be puttin' Southern playa-listic shorties in your neck
Damn, that is how we lead them honies ? on the floor
When those freaky-deekies sweat from their heads to their toes
Hands down, 85, now 86
And let them freaky Southern shorties fix it in the mix

[Repeat 1]

La da di, la da dow... [8x]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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