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PS Lyric

Project 86 Lyrics
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PS Her heart bleeds

It is a basis for your heartfelt hunger

So gaze at the page at the faces of nameless...

You're alone again

And this distortion is an apt replacement

for an unquenchable desire for more

More pages strewn across this sickening floor

I can't look at any of this

If they saw what those eyes have seen

Oh how her heart it would bleed

If she only knew those abusive roots

And how the children would weep

If they only saw what those eyes have seen

It always keeps us longer than we wanted to stay

It always takes us further than we wanted to go

But you don't seem to mind at the time

Begging to be set free...from what we were meant to be


It's inside you and your soul is longing, yearning

Pleading to be set free

Within your eyes, within my eyes, within our eyes

There could never be a more complete perversion

of what we were meant to be

And with all that is in me I hate this

As we're sinking inside this ever-feeding illness

We are all quite silent

Sitting still

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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