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Weapons of Mad Distortion Lyrics

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Weapons of Mad Distortion Lyric

The Crystal Method Lyrics
Blade Trinity Soundtrack - Movie, 2004
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Weapons of Mad Distortion Oh no, don't tell me your lies!

Weapons of mass distortion, images and words
Slanted observations, truth is never heard
Opinions and conclusions that are lacking in the facts
Speculation junkies feel the monkey on their back

You can see what you want to see
You will hear what you want to hear

Weapons of mass distortion
Weapons of mass distortion

Political agenda, intelligent design
Imaginary data trying to write the script assigned
Optimistic dreamers, prophets of the polls
No scientific evidence so the surveys bought and sold

You can say what you want to say
That don't mean I will buy today

Can you really believe anything you hear talking through your radio?
I don't buy it!
Can you believe everything you see coming through your TV screen?

Weapons of mass distortion, media control
Spinning every story trying to manipulate my world
Stepping up all the drama, never really know the score
Ratings week, better shock and awe, then dazzle me some more

Weapons of mass distortion, coming through your TV screen
Weapons of mass distortion, talking through the radio
Weapons of mass distortion, headlines sell the magazines
Weapons of mass distortion
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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