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Don't Look Back Lyrics

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Don't Look Back Lyric

Papa Roach & N.E.R.D. Lyrics
Biker Boyz Soundtrack - Movie, 2003
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Don't Look Back Intro: Papa Roach, Pharrell Williams, Shay
[PR] Yo , what's up Pharrell how you feelin'?
[P] Good
[PR] Hey Shay, wake up man
[S] I'm here
[P] There's no turning back now
[PR] I know man I'm ready to go
[P] You ready?
[PR] Hell yeah
[P] Yeah, lets go

[Papa Roach]
We're the gladiators
Taking my heart won't be that easy
So send in your lies
I'll fly so high the birds won't reach me

[Bridge: Pharrell Williams]
So prepare yourself (ready)
Screw everyone else (lets go)
Cuz time is counting down (ready)
It looks like it's now (lets go)

[Chorus: Papa Roach & Pharrell Williams]
[PR] Just Go
[P] There's moments when you've been cold
[PR] Don't look back
[P] Ages waitin' for you to fall
[PR] Never look back
[P] ????s come, ????s crawl
[PR] Don't look back
[P] Angels smile, so give it your all
[PR] Never look back

[Papa Roach]
Kept my eyes on the prize
The next step in my evolution
Is to realize (realize)
My life is just a crazy ride



[Papa Roach]
Well fold down the pressure
I'm not the type to stop until I'm done
Addicted with fear my skin
It's not the end it's just the beginning

Ready .. Lets go.. Ready. Lets go


[Bridge] - 2X
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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