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Katherine Kiss Me Lyrics

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Katherine Kiss Me Lyric

Franz Ferdinand Lyrics
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Katherine Kiss Me Katherine kiss me
Slippy little lips will split me
Split me where your eye won't hit me
Yes, I love you
I mean, I- I'd love to get to know you

Sometimes I say the stupid things
I think
I mean, I- sometimes think the stupidest things


Do you ever wonder
How the boy feels

Katherine kiss me
Flick your cigarette then kiss me
Flick your eyes at mine so briefly
Your leather jacket lies in sticky pools of cider blackberry

You glance a ricochet from every alpha male behind me
Like marbles on a washing machine


I wonder
How the boy feels

Katherine kiss me
In the alleyway by Jakey's
Jack in the sodium light
Yes, I love you
I mean, I- I mean, I- need to love

And though your opened eyes stare
Bored upon the overflowing pipes above me
I don't mind
Because I never wonder
How the girl feels
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