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Reunion Lyrics

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Reunion Lyric

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Reunion In the year of my decline
Sucking freezies in the rain
Driving twisted in the suburbs
And then driving back again
Seventeen and half alive
Headlights illuminate the school
Inhale the powder from the science class, yeah nearly dying felt so cool
Your face is all that hasnt changed
Youre reassembled just like me
But when i reach to touch your hand
You stroke mine gently

All i want is one more chance to be young and wild and free
All i want is one more chance to show you,
You were right for me
You were right for me

Im back in gym and its the same
As my name tag floats away
I had 6 too many drinks last night yes
And thats why i made you stay
Plus i always wanted you
You liked to rock it in your car
You said you didnt understand me
Because i always tried to see too far
Well Tainted Love's too fast to dance to
So lets leave them all behind
They hated us with everything they had
And we hated them in kind

All i want is one more chance
To be young and wild and free
All i want is one more chance to show you,
You were right for me
Reunion, reunion..reunion, reunion...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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