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Angels with Dirty Faces

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Angels with Dirty Faces Song Lyrics

Battleship Soundtrack - Movie, 2012
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Angels with Dirty Faces I'm confused, I don't know
Which way do I really go
This guy is fly
But another one pass me by
Stuck in the middle of this spot
That is too damn hot
Shall I choose the one
With the heavy car or not
'Coz nothing ain't serious
See i'm only seventeen
And I wanna be mysterious
Naughty, sexy on the creep
Never sleep
Won't reveal the sneaky side of me

All day and night I creep out
I think about who i'm gonna go and link up
Don't think that i'm innocent, baby
'Coz this is driving me crazy
Tell me what do you see
I'm not an innocent girl

You don't know where we go
You don't know
That we're angels with dirty faces in the morning
You don't know, keep it on the down low
You don't know that we're missing to the morning

I'd say that i'm the kind of girl
You'd say is shy
But I don't think that's the answer
You'd hear if you asked my guy
I'm just a girl who likes to let it go
Party with my ladies 'til dawn
Still don't just let it go

Move your heads to the beat
And shake it down like you never did before
Move a little closer come with me
I'll show you the place to be
That's what he said to me

[Chorus x2]

We're the type of girls don't think
Just say everything we want
We know we'll get our own way
Sexy, classy
Don't think you'll put it past me
Angels in the day
But at night could be nasty
[Keisha:] Wanna have the fellas locked on ice
[Mutya:] Wanna play around with them like dice
[Heidi:] He didn't know I was a freak until he met me after dark
He thought this girl was a chic

[Chorus x2]

You don't know where I go
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