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Take It Back

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Take It Back Song Lyrics

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Take It Back [Skillz]
Alright, listen up
I'ma put it in perspective
I'm the best since me
I got a right to be selective
What we have here is a candle so crass
It came out the cup with some sh*t from yo ass
strictly for those who are tryin to walk it with me
Ya'll thinkin y'all thugs cuz you bought some di*kies
I'm bein honest, throwin back to the hottest
I got LeBron callin his mom to check his closet (WHOA)
the rest can chill, you shoulda knew that
Skillz, uh-uh, you don't wanna do that
Testin me? That must be a fool that
Was thinkin too hard, you better loosen your doo-rag
When I'm gone, ons y'all for frontin
Dont have my vocals sings sh*t like we was cool or somethin
Its a fact, I think all rap is whack
and if you feel like I feel, then you ain't got no choice
but to.

[Chorus x2]
Take it Back, do do do do
Take it Back, do do do do
Take it Back, do do do do
Take it Back

I ain't here to make friends, that ain't my job
If everybody ain't nice, that ain't my squad
and I ain't hypin 'em, I'm blowin right by them
this is like a grown man ridin a bike again
It's that easy, when I spit for the hood
I dont rap (nope), I explain sh*t real good
Ya'll say y'all thugs?
Well last time I seen ya, you were Steppin in the Name of Love
like "Left, right, bring it back"
Nigga, what part of the game was that?
if you see us, then its a known fact
that y'all is lil boy flow, this is grown man rap
you a playa? well move with a limp folk
that ain't a pimp cup, thats a god damn Big Gulp
I'm your new A&R, Black
I'ma book some overtime, you write some more rhymes

[Chorus x2]
Take it Back, do do do do
Take it Back, do do do do
Take it Back, do do do do
Take it Back

When I charge the emcee, equals a bar a key
just me and the squad, no manners, no "pardon me"
so dont bother be trying to get father than me
if you ain't right now, you ain't workin harder than me
and I'm sure you'll flip, when this song come around
this sh*t so crunk it'd make Lil Jon clam down
hits out the trunk never shook
so by the time you get to the hook
you be whippin out your check book
lets look, or better yet, lets not
I talk sh*t to the sun, nigga I'm just that high
and in case y'all forgot, here's your warning B
cuz I snatch it like it rightfully belongs to be
and just..

[Chorus x4]
Take it Back do do do do
Take it Back do do do do
Take it Back do do do do
Take it Back
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