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Total Paranoia Lyrics

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Total Paranoia Lyric

Serj Tankian Lyrics
Batman: Arkham City Soundtrack - Video Game, 2011
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Total Paranoia Stop by your nightmare
on a dark road today
Such a wind through his white hair
Such a grin on his face.

His eyes were like distance and he bore into mine
They shone and they glisten like they drive me blind And he
stood there before me And he
cried out in pain
You think you can ignore me
you think you'll get away

Ready or not
It's like total paranoia
Anything you say
He can twist his way
It's really too much
It's like total paranoia
Anywhere you go
He is sure to know.

He said stop, please and listen
Can we try to be friends?
Why is it always so twisted
but he cried out again
You can't stand to remember
You can stand to forget
You won't lift a finger
for the storm of regret

Ready or not
It's like total paranoia
you know how to pray but he won't go away
it's really too much it's like total paranoia
close your eyes he'll be, there all night
close your eyes he'll be, there all night

he'll be, there all night
he'll be, there all night
he'll be, there all night

[Thanks to Max, Luke, Vincenzo, SoPR for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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