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Thank God I'm Old Lyrics

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Thank God I'm Old Lyric

Barnum Cast Lyrics
Barnum Soundtrack - Musical, 2002
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Thank God I'm Old Joyce Heth:

When you see the shape the world is in
When the way it is ain't what it's been
When folks just care for gold,
Thank God, I'm old
When you take a gander at the news
When you hear the language people use
When no sweet songs are sung
I don't wanna be young

Daddy time he
Doesn't fret me
Should he spy me
That don't upset me
Let him eye me
Come and get me
That's fine by me
Age don't worry me

When you see the way folks misbehave
When it's only good times that they crave
When kids are much too bold
Thank God, I'm old
When there ain't no He-Men left alive
When they tell you three men out of five
End up locked up or hung
I don't wanna be young.

(Dance Break)

Gonna get me dressed and powdered down
Call myself a hack and go to town
See every shady street
These feet once strolled.
Then I'm gonna slip back on the shelf
Have myself a nip and tell myself
Though my back buckles and bends
My hair's got silvery ends
When I see all of my friends
Laid out and cold
Thank God, I'm Old!

[Thanks to MaureenMustLive@go.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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