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Museum Song Lyrics

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Museum Song Lyric

Barnum Cast Lyrics
Barnum Soundtrack - Musical, 2002
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Museum Song Spoken:
Everything about my museum was spectacular,
including the price: one dollar.
Now that may seem a bit steep, but it was worth
it. Look at what I gave 'em:

Quite a lotta
Roman terra cotta
Livin' lava from the flanks of Etna
Ride a dromedary
See the Temple tumble and the Red Sea part.

McNamara's band
The fattest lady in the land
A pickled prehistoric hand
A strand of Pocahontas' hair
Crow and Sioux
Who're going to
Be showing you
Some rowing through
A model of the rapids on the Delaware.

Clever caterpillas
Reproductions of the Cyclops' ret'na
Crystal blowing
Automatic sewing
Venus on a shell and other works of art.

Educated fleas
A tribe of Aborigines
Two ladies joined across the knees
A Mona Lisa made of ice
We've gotten in
Forgotten spots
A cotton gin
A night with Lot in Sodom
Better see that twice!

One iguana
Snakes and other fauna
Got no bearded lady but we're get'na
When you duck out
Take another buck out
Run around the block And see a
Run around the block and see a
Run around the block and see a
new show start.

[Thanks to hisdearone@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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