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Come Follow The Band Lyrics

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Come Follow The Band Lyric

Barnum Cast Lyrics
Barnum Soundtrack - Musical, 2002
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Come Follow The Band Come follow the band
Wherever it's at
Let both of your feet, beat, time to the drum
And feel your heart go rat 'a' tat tat

A flag in your hand
A plume in your hat
Battalions of brass pass and catch the light
Is there a sight that's sweeter then that?

See the pretty lady toss that baton high ain't she cute as a daisy
Watch the fellow with the big bass drum go by
Ain't ya glad that you stayed
Hear the tuba play that oom-pah-pah, oh my!
Ain't it drivin' you crazy
Don't ya be so darn lazy
Better hurry 'n' join that big parade

Up out of your seat
Down off of the stand
Step out to the sweet beat the bugle plays
A sound that you'll remember all your days
And when you see the leader proudly raise his hand
Just follow the band

Hear the trumpet blast
Hear the coronet blare
Hear the boom of the bass
And the rattle of the snare
With the sweetest burst of melody I know
It's the piccolo

Hear the silver tone of the xylophone
Hear the glide ansd the bellow of the slide trombone
With a burst of crystal listen to it peal
It's the glockenspiel

With a most majestic manner you'll remember all your life
Come xylophone, come saxophone, come sousaphone, come fife

[Thanks to 9-swil@gaggle.net for lyrics]

[Thanks to Jenny for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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