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I'm Wanderin' Lyrics

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I'm Wanderin' Lyric

John Lee Hooker Lyrics
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I'm Wanderin' I been driftin', like a ship out on the foam
Well, I'm wanderin', like a ship out on the foam
Well, I ain't got nobody, in the world to care for me

Well, my baby would only take me back again
Oh, would only take me back again
'Cause I ain't got nobody to speak a word for me

Hmm, won't you give me one more chance?
Hmm, won't you give me one more chance?
'Cause I ain't got nobody, baby, to speak a word for me
Ah, but I ain't

I declare I ain't got nobody, babe
Honey child, to speak a word for me
I, I, babe, I'm a big world by myself
Oh, yeah, honey child, I'm by myself

I'm way down here, babe
Way, way down here, babe, honey child, by myself
Hmm, hmm, you know I feel so bad
Honey give me one more chance

I ain't got nobody, babe, speak a word for me, babe
I've been, I'm, give me one more chance, give me one more chance
Hmm, hmm, gimme babe, honey, one more chance
I'm wanderin' babe, just like a ship lost on the foam
Hmm, hmm, hmm, you know I'm lost, pretty baby
Just like a ship lost out on the foam
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