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Baby Girl (Terri's Theme) Lyrics

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Baby Girl (Terri's Theme) Lyric

B2K Lyrics
Barbershop Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
Baby Girl (Terri's Theme) Verse 1:
He took advantage of your love
And he threw it all away
He broke your tender heart
Words can't express what you wanna say
But deep inside you know
That there's someone out there for you
Who'll love you tenderly
And turn your gray skies into blue
So tell me girl

Why do you look so sad, baby girl, baby girl?
It couldn't be so bad, baby girl, baby girl
Why do you look so sad, baby girl, baby girl
It couldn't be so bad, baby girl, baby girl

I know it's hard to start again
To find somebody new
But don't you be afraid
Rough times don't last but true lovers do
As the night follows the day
Some you win and some you lose
But don't give up on love
Sometimes you clear the old to get to the new


Let me dry your eyes
I am here for you
You are not alone
I know what you're going through

So sad
Baby girl, oh, baby girl
Wipe your tears away

Repeat Chorus Till Fade
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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