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Crazy 'Lil Mouse Lyrics

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Crazy 'Lil Mouse Lyric

In Bloom Lyrics
Bandits Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Crazy 'Lil Mouse because I'm nots no dog - I'm not un cat
I'm am not dos funky penguins - and you know I'm not un rat

I'm just un crazy little mouse - and you know I've come to save dos days
with me powers I'm flying through dos airs - but I'm un crazy mouse, so don't stares...
cause back in dos days when I was just un bad mouse - fly around dos towns just acting like dos louse
but now I'm good guy, now they says I'm good mice - I just dos chill and eats me cheese and rice
cause one of them days when I was snibing toys - wouldn't you know, I got caught by dos boys
they throw me in ze drunk tank, tank just to think - then I say "bye bye" to dos feds


that's right I'm un dope mouse - everybody clear the path, here comes the nice guy
cause I'm un crazy little mouse, see - and you know I went to dos universities
with me knowledge, I'm living so good - I think I might just fix up me neighborhood
walk into dos parties, drinking dos bacardis - two hoots in our ears, you know thats we gets lifted
but that's no bad thing to do - yee ha...

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CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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