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Love & War Lyrics

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Love & War Lyric

Anthony Hamilton, Macy Gray Lyrics
Baby Boy Soundtrack - Movie, 2003
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Love & War [Anthony Hamilton]
Got my back against the wall now
Problems that I didn't see
We got caught up in a tangle
Then u tried to swing on me
How could I justify, mistreating the love of my life
I aint to proud to beg for better baby
That's what I deserve
I tried to be good to u
Even stood their by u
And u ran out on me anyway
I must have been a fool

All is fair in love and war
So when u fight with someone u love
U better be careful
Theirs no feeling,theirs no blows
Theirs just things u didn't know
'cause in the morning it will be alright, alright, alright

[Macy Gray]
Here comes him again
Sneaking in the backdoor
Blue heart torn from trippin from days of my past
Im ***** and Im angry no time to catch feeling
I've been done wrong so Im stone cold
And time to get even
Loves a gamble, and I aint winning
Torn up from my past
Love don't live here no more

[Chorus 2x]

[Anthony Hamilton (Macy Gray)]
Ooooh, yeah
All is fair in love and war
All is fair in love and war
Somebody wanna lay me
(I tried to hurt u 'cause u tried to throw me out)
Somebody to crule to me
(U took my heart out and u tried to play it soft)
U took my heart and stoned it
(I didn't want to take and try to lead u on)
All I was was good to u
(I didn't want to take and try to lead u on)
Somebody wanna hurt me
(I tried to hurt u 'cause u tried to play me out)
Now ur gonna ride wit me baby
(U took my heart out and u tried to play it soft)
How long did it last
(I didn't want to take and try to lead u on)
U took the best of me
(I took the best of u)
Aint to many more days Im gonna be treated this way
And it aint to many more lies, Im gonna listen to here baby
If u listen to me baby
(Why would I listen to u)
Im willing to give u a chance
(U tried to play me out)
Oooooh, oooh no
(Ooooh oooh, I got it, I got it)
THis whole thig is killing me
(I got it, I want it)
I must of been a fool to u
(Ur not a fool to me)
Y u wanna hurt me
Y u wanna hurt me
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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