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Just the 2 of Us

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Just the 2 of Us Song Lyrics

Dr. Evil (Dr. Evil Mix)
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Just the 2 of Us [Dr. Evil]
This is a very sensitive subject...

Just the two of us [repeat 2x]

yeahhhhhh ahum ahum

[verse 1]
From the moment I heard Frau
Said I had a clone
I knew that I'd be safe
Cuz I'd never be alone
An evil Dr. shoudln't speak aloud bout his feelings
My hurt and my pain don't make me too appealing

I'd hope Scott
Would look up to me,
Run the buisness of the family
Head an evil empire,
Just like his dear old dad
Give him my love and the things he never had

Scott would think
I was a cool guy
returned the love I have
make me wanna cry
Be evil, but had my feelings too
Chaged my life with Opra and Mya Angelou

But Scott rejected me
C'est La Ve
Life is cruel, treat you unfairly
Even so, a God there must be
Mini-me, you complete me.

Just the two of us [repeat 10x]

Just me and you
Gettin jiggy with it
Yeah, ahum
Quite pleasent really
Daddy loves you
Daddy loves you
you and I
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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