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Dat Boy Chevy

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Dat Boy Chevy Song Lyrics

Young Noah
ATL Soundtrack - Movie, 2006
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Dat Boy Chevy Now its a quarter past ten
My pockets full of n's
Canary yellow diamonds match my mustard colored tims
In the a town just doin' what noah does
Off in the box chevy blowin just me and cuz
Now its a late night we lookin for some hoes
Drinkin' a fifth a hennesey my nigga spittin flows
I pull up to the club cuz all the hoes out
My nigga roll up so we can roll out
So what you know 'bout
That sticky icky green
Makin' the b**ches show soon as i hit the scene
Makin' the b**ches scream when i swerve on 'em
And for them hatin' niggas i just smoke my herb on 'em

Dat boy chevy
He ridin so clean
Brains blown out with about 4 or 5 screens
Beatin down the blizock and blowin my greeen
With my a hat cizocked you know what i mean
Dat boy chevy
He ridin so clean
Brains blown out with about 4 or 5 screens
Beatin down the blizock and blowin my greeen
With my twin 9 glocks cizocked you know what
I mean

There he go again its chevy on the rims
The 24's spin to bring them hoes in
The juice n jin hypnotize all of them
Got em' under my sprewell spell when its on the benz
Might rock a fitted cap might rock a kangol
A '82 chevelle with the brains blowed
And like my nigga hov im bout to change clothes
Neva see me in the chevy with no lame hoes
Thats how the game goes that how the cookie crumbles
You see me shinin' baby so let me get ya numba
He just a fly young nigga yeah he is yeah he is
Kids holla down the block like there he is there he is


I pull up to the club my nigga feelin' good
Got diamonds in my teeth got diamonds in the wood
Got diamonds in the grain
Got diamonds in my chain
Got diamonds in my licensce plate spellin' out my name
Still got a pocket full a money more than i can spend
Im checkin' out this honey but i rather have her friend
Say a come in ride with a playa
Now hop up in the chevy take a scroll through decatur


[thanks to emfocuz@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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