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Does Life Begin Again Lyrics

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Does Life Begin Again Lyric

Ryan Webster Lyrics
As I Stand Soundtrack - Movie, 2013
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Does Life Begin Again If I fall, if I slip, if I stumble
If I crawl, and I crack, and I crumble
When it's over, does life begin again?

If the weight is too heavy to shoulder
and the fate of the world's growing colder
When it's over, does life begin again?

If I fall, and too heavy to carry
If I'm poor and too needy to bury
When it's over, does life begin again?

If I'm broke and my soul needs some mending
and the story's without an ending
But it's over, does life begin again?

Gotta find a way, a way to carry on
As sure as there is life and as sure as there is love
Is it true that all our stories are written up above?
There must be a reason, a reason for the pain
Am I holding up the story, am I standing in the rain
Why do I feel like a runaway train?
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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