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Nude Love Lyric

Master Shake Lyrics
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Nude Love Alright, Alright
I Wrote this next one when I broke up with my girlfriend, cause I slept with her friend and then I dumped the both of them
And I think everyone can relate to the blues, like they had after I dropped them like two hot rocks,

Nude Love
Moves over me
Like a storm
Since you were born,
Nude Love
There something in your eye,
And I re-A-Lize,
In the sky!,


Wait, hang on I got trouble with the G.,
Krankin-Smoking, here we go,

Tapes available out in the parking lot,
10 dollars for tapes
15 for CD
But drink ya coffee
And then see me, out by my hatch-a-back for copies!,
Nu-oooooooo-ude Love.

[Thanks to Eric Johnson for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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