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Fay's Arrival Lyrics


Fay's Arrival Song Lyrics

Tourists came in droves for the miracle waters, which thrilled Cora until she discovered her miracle was a fake.
Step up, brethern and sistern, and get your tickets!
Buy your blessings!
No, count your blessings, buy your tickets!
I'm like the bluebird.
I should worry, I should care.
I should be a millionaire.
I'm like the bluebird...
And here - nine minutes to the dot - is our heroine.
So that's the miracle?
Yes, ma'am, Sister Nurse Apple.
Do you think our miracle can do anything for your Cookies?
If dirty water from a slimy old rock can do anything for anyone.
You. You can't believe anything that can't be proved in your laboratory of a head! Al miracles are fake to you. Nurse Apple. Let these happy hopeful Pilgrims be lost and miserable again, Nurse Apple? Let this boom town be a ghost town again? Let those forty-nine loonies -

Anyone Can Whistle Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2003
Fay's Arrival Lyrics from Anyone Can Whistle Soundtrack (2003). Rating: 4.2/5 (21 votes)