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I Went With The Road

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I Went With The Road Song Lyrics

Brian Vander Ark
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I Went With The Road Heading west on a back road
'Cause I couldn't face the dawn
The tollway would've saved time
But I was down to my last dime
I just went with the road that I was on

Thank you for the ride she said
She just wanted to tag along
And I had a wound to heal
I gave a ride to the devil and she took the wheel
And I just went with the road that I was on

Blood spill in Wisconsin
Blood lets in Idaho
She said it was an ethnic cleanse
And she pulled the trigger, she should make amends
I just went with the road that I was on

Father, would he forgive me
For these things that I have done?
He said, 'Boy don't even waste your breath
You been riding in the valley of the shadow of death
When you went with that road that you were on'
I said, 'You got some dirt up under your collar
And then I turned to face the dawn
My life was in a downhill skid
The spirit never moved me but that young girl did
When I went with the road that I was on
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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