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Hold On I'm Comin' Lyrics

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Hold On I'm Comin' Lyric

Sam & Dave Lyrics
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Hold On I'm Comin' Hold On, I'm Coming

Don't you ever, be sad
Lean on me, hen times get bad
When the day come, and you know your down
In a river of trouble, your bout to drown

Hold on, cause I'm coming
Hold on, I'm coming

I'm on my way, your lover where
If your cold, I will be your cover
Never have to worry, because I am here
You dont need to suffer, cause I am near

Hold on cause I'm coming
Hold on cause I'm coming
Hold on, cause I'm coming
Hold on, I'm coming

Lemme hear ya'll
You talk to me
For satisfaction, oh, hold on
Call my name, oh, call my name yeah for quick reaction
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oh dont you ever,
oh dont you ever, be sad,
I want you to lean on me, when times get bad,
When the day comes, and I know you been around,
In a river o trouble, you you you you about to drown

Hold on I'm coming
Hold on cause I'm coming
Hold on cause I'm coming
Hold on I'm coming
(just hold on baby)
Hold on, I'm coming (here i come)
Hold on, I'm coming (take my hand)
Hold on, (dont you ever) I'm coming (here I come)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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