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Shake Your Groove Thing Lyrics

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Shake Your Groove Thing Lyric

The Chipmunks Lyrics
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Shake Your Groove Thing Shake Your Groove Thing(yeah).

Shake your groove thing,shake your groove thing.Yeah,yeah.
Show 'em how you do it now.
Shake your groove thing,shake your groove thing.Yeah,yeah.
Show 'em how you do it now.

Verse 1:
Let's show the world we can dance(dance).
Bad enough to strut our stuff.
The music gives us a chance(chance).
We do more out on the floor.
Groovin' loose or heart to heart.
We put in motion every single part.
Funky sounds wall to wall.
We're bumpin' bodies.Havin' us a ball,y'all.

(Repeat "Chorus")

Do it now,shake it down.Shake your body all around.Do it now,upside down.Come on y'all,let's show them how.

Verse 2:
We got the rhythm tonight(night).
All the rest know,we're the best.
So,shadows flashing in the light(yeah).
Twistin',turnin',we keep burnin'.
Shake it high,shake it low.
We take our bodies,where they wanna go.
Feel that beat,never stop.
Oh,hold me tight,spin me like a top.

(Repeat "Chorus")

(Repeat "Rap")

There's nothing more(nothing more)
that I'd like to do(like to do)
than take the floor(take the floor)
and dance with you.
Keep dancin',let's keep dancin'.

Alvin:Let's keep dancin'.

Shake your groove thing.
Shake your groove thing.

Shake your groove thing.

Theodore:Shake it now.

(Repeat "Chorus" until fades out)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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