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The Sun Won't Set Lyrics


The Sun Won't Set Song Lyrics

The sun sits low,
Diffusing its usual glow.

5 o’clock
Vespers sound

And it’s 6 o’clock
Twilight all around
But the sun sits low,
As low as it’s going to go.

8 o’clock

How enthralling…it’s
9 o’clock
So enthralling … Towards
10 o’clock
Crickets calling
The vespers ring
The nightingale’s waiting to sing,
The rest of us wait on a string.
Perpetual sunset is rather an unsettling thing.

The sun won’t set
It’s fruitless to hope or to fret.

It’s dark as it’s going to get.
The hands on the clock turn but don’t sing a nocturne just yet.

[Thanks to Joseph Misdraji for lyrics]

A Little Night Music Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1998
The Sun Won't Set Lyrics by A Little Night Music Cast from A Little Night Music Soundtrack (1998). Rating: 4.2/5 (21 votes)