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EVERY STORY (Reprise) Lyrics


EVERY STORY (Reprise) Song Lyrics

From deep within a tomb
A gentle light still shone
Showing me my path
As I ascended to the throne
Certain in my heart
That ancient wars must cease
The lovers' deaths gave birth
to a reign of peace

And their story
And my journey
And the lesson they provide
Draw their strength and inspiration
from a love that never dies

(We are returning to our own time and the museum of the Prologue. Once again,
the contemporary crowd gathers around various exhibits. The man and the woman
circle the model of the tomb. Yes, they know this place. They look up.
Their eyes meet. The man and woman move towards each other. FADE TO BLACK)


Aida (complete libretto) Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1990
EVERY STORY (Reprise) Lyrics from Aida (complete libretto) Soundtrack (1990). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)