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I'm A Player Lyrics

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I'm A Player Lyric

The K.G.B. Lyrics
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I'm A Player I'm a player and I know it
But with you girl I never ever show it
I've got to got to put my move on
Get my groove on I get down with my shoes on
I'm just a freak everyday of the week
I need to find a new girl to come play with me
Here kitty kitty we can get busy
You're so young and oh so pretty

So gimme gimme that sauce girl aw girl
Maybe we could hit it off girl
Gimme gimme that sauce girl aw girl aw girl

I'm a player
Said I'm a player for sure
But you'll never know

And in the mornin after half past ten
We could fire it up an' like do it again
On the kitchen counter or even in the shower
Minute after minute hour after hour
I got the power of the funk y'all
I make her jump y'all
We go bump bump bump y'all
But in the evenin my mind starts schemin
I ain't got all day girl, you best be leavin

Watch out ladies I'm a sex fiend
Since I was sixteen I make the chicks scream

I'm a player
Said I'm a player for sure
But you'll never know

But on the reel I stand five foot eight
I ain't got no game I just hope and wait
I'm waitin for my angel to fall from the sky
I've been waitin all my life
I can't lie I can't deny
Got no dough and I got no ride
But oh baby I can do you right
And I can make love like paradise

I'm a player
Said I'm a player for sure
But you'll never know...
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