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You Already Know

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You Already Know Song Lyrics

Inspectah Deck
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You Already Know [Kool G. Rap:]
This religous get made, clean titles through the edge of a blade
Afro bro flow, smoother than '70's suede
Number one headband, hold an edge, you'se a dead man
Noted ID's, IV's or bed pans
Sword still left hand, blood in the red sand
You know where I rep the desert lands with a desert blam
The baby working my heavy hands, dudes call him Afro
Precise style from big piece to a**hole
And y'all talk like I'm the one to listen
I'm on a long mission, dude is gone fishing
Seven thirty early, you beating the dog fisherman
I don't chase 'em or replace 'em, I fish 'em in
I take a him shot, and walk away whistling
Plot on tops of the five fam at the christening
Bubble goose, double loop like the Michelen man
Streets of N.Y.C. to the Michigan, man

[Chorus: Suga Bang Bang]
Boy, you know, you already know, boy, you already know
Boy, you know, you already know, boy, you already know
Boy, you know, you already know, boy, you already know
Boy, you know, you already know, boy, you already know

[Inspectah Deck:]
Straight out the woods, where the hoods don't come
It's the legend and I'm second to none, son it's better to run
Try and test before you get to ya gun
You gon' leave with ya head in the trunk
Sho' nuff I'm a beast on the stretch, realize
You done said ya last words once I reach for the hip
Man don't even give me reason to flip, it's the season to flip
You know the drill, so don't even resist
The kid lives with the blade, one with the jungle
Calm and I'm humble, but I said it in the rage
I'm looking for some getback, getback
I'm quick to push ya wig back, nigga shouldn't have did that
Now I'm on your ass like tight pants
All across mountain top, deep water and highlands
See me, see the Indian dance, for all ya'll
I'm death in the flesh, remember my face


[Thanks to sith23 for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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