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Yellow Jackets Lyrics

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Yellow Jackets Lyric

Ace and Moe Roc Lyrics
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Yellow Jackets [Chorus: MoeRoc (Ace)]
Take note, everybody playing the land
(We making magic, it's them yellow jackets)
Wait, see money rather stay in his place
(The bees are flying, the bees are swarming)
Make, something happen out of nothing, we all shine
(We making magic, it's them yellow jackets)
Hate, what they don't understand, but keep clear
Cuz The Swarm is coming

Razor Sharp from the intro, laying the plan down
The Killa Beez swarm, you be screaming out man down
Front, we gon' tear it down, body, I'm airbound
Death be the sting, and I'm wearing the damn crown
Top floor, we the kings of the earth
It's MoeRoc, shorty, give me all that it's worth
Came a long way, no stains on my shirts
And we look so clean, but we came from the dirt
Down from the bottom, born out in Brooklyn
Was raised out in Harlem, but you don't want no problems
Make money in the mind of the customer
College educated with the grind of a hustler
Too swift for whoever's against me
Linked up with Power and the rest is history
In the fight with the spirit of Ali
Float like a butterfly, hit 'em like Killa Beez


Yeah, hit up gun very young
My momma know I, sold jums, but was still a good son
Did alotta dark things in them slums I hung
Over chicks and funds, we heard them shots rung, yo
Yeah, yeah, my conscience stay equality
These streets father me, like Guli' in privacy
City's ups and downs, I touch bricks and touch pounds
Then get indicted, that's why I don't f**k around
I gave the grams up, I came home and manned up
Put this in your Maranda, your boy Ace'll stand up
I'm not a quitter, actually a great fighter
The more you doubt me and hate me, my light shine brighter
Yellow jacket magic, Ace and Bobby pack it
Get that cabbage and then we stash it
It's a Wu-Tang gold rush, been had the game soaked up
Watch The Covenant blow up
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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