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Brother's Keeper Lyrics

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Brother's Keeper Lyric

The Rza Lyrics
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Brother's Keeper [Chorus: Infinite]
I'm my brother's, brother's keeper
Through the struggle, our bond is deeper
I know you'll be there, when I need ya
Cause we're brothers, brother's keeper

[The Reverend William Burk:]
Nevertheless, release fighting
Sibling rivalries, my kin'll still ride for me
I'm back to society, killas be moving silently
The world steady trying me, my girl steady trying me
Atleast I got my brother, he never 'fraid to die with me
Through our trials and tribulations, it's tortorous
With a bulletproof bond, hell fire ain't even scorching this
Ten times stronger than the magic of a sorceress
And never put a broad first, no matter how gorgeous she is
With rugged warriors, always come out victorious
Our battles be the gloriest, but that's just how the story is
Love is love love, and all is fair in love & war
My comrad a killer, to the solid core which we adore
I got your back like a chiropractor blood pure


Yo, no other could compare to a brother, even from another mother
We bond and love her, our spirits hover over each other
In mutual conflits, change together like convicts
I hold you up by my shoulders, under your armpits
He ain't heavy, he my broham, ready for the program
Whether busting shots, throwing blocks, swinging swords, throwing hands
They can end to the end, not near friends
A kin beyond skin complexion, a hard connection
God protection, loyal, without question
My heart is his heart, my possession his possession
Although life is daily right, makes us sometimes appear weaker
I'm still there for you brother, I'm my brother's keeper
Blessed be the meak, if we strive and to be meaker
Plus, we flow together like the mic through the speaker
Through good times and bad times, happy or sad times
Anytime, all the time, until we reach a flatline
Link like medallions to cables, mixers to turntables
Never turn on each other, like Cain did to Abel
Nah, we stay stable, from the grave to the cradle
And after I save myself, I promise I will save you
Cause you my brother, and my brother's keeper
You my brother, and I'm my brother's keeper
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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