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Fury In My Eyes / Revenge

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Fury In My Eyes / Revenge Song Lyrics

RZA, Thea
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Fury In My Eyes / Revenge [Chorus: Thea]
Oh whoa, these tears that I've had
They here, have no, word
Then roll, each time each pain
I fell insane

Fury in my eyes, sword on my side
Escape death to become immortalized
Afro on my head, the black Samurai
Number One, I bring a whole nation alive
I'm the leader of the Clan, you can tell from the headband
Spirit of God, become one inside man
Except all challengers, leave 'em in bandages
Sword won't ceist til my enemy vanishes

[Chorus II: Thea]
And so your tables have turned
Only now with you and I've burned
Were these sweet memories?
In the rain

Yo, I'm the master of disaster, no one swing a sword faster
I warned you, the'll be tears after the laughter
Now I'm 30 years, after the rapture
War blood will be spilt, we start a new chapter
Fury in my eyes, sword on my side
Afro on my head, I'm a black Samurai
Number One, I bring my whole nation alive
Escape death, to become immortalized


[Chorus II]

Yo, yo, dogs out to chase these cats, in the jungle
Rats wanna snatch that cheese, in the jungle
Bears want honey from bees, in the jungle
Birds wanna nest in the trees, in the jungle
Squirrels try'nna catch a nut, in this jungle
Pigs wild around in the muds, in this jungle
Lions on the hunt for the beef, in these jungles
Hyena roll around thirty deep, in these jungles
Try'nna snatch ice from the penguins, while I'm stingling
I see shorty wop, she got those ill rings jingling
They jingling, baby, I heard Ringling
Barnum & Bailey was in this place, sh*t is crazy
What's a man to do in this jungle?
Live life on the hunt full, in the jungle
When hamsters come and try to snatch a crumb from you
What a man 'pose to do, in this jungle?
If you can talk to animals in this jungle
Would you allow the slouth to come amongst you
Would you break bread, or instead
Get the thirty-thirty scope and put one in your head
Put one in the head...

[Chorus II]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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