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What If Lyric

Adam Riegler Lyrics
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What If Pugsley:

What if she never totures me anymore?
How would I manage?
What if she never nails my tongue
To the bathroom floor?
What if she walks away
Leaving me a-ok,
Hiding each power tool
Why would she be so cruel?

I could stab my arm myself
Could rip my tonsils out
Could set my hair aflame
I could spray my eyes with mace
But face the fact, without her,
It wouldn't be the same...

Pugsley (Spoken):

Grandma, what if there was this girl who met this person and they're gonna run away and live alone and eat apples.
What would you give her?

Grandma (Spoken):

Nothing. She's your sister. Be happy for her

Pugsley (Spoken):

But what if she doesn't get rid of him? What if all the good time are already behind me?

Grandma (Spoken):

That's life, kid. You lose the thing love.


Wednesday will drink and then
She'll be herself again
Lucas will leave her be
So she can torture me
Just like she always did
'Til then I'm just a strange, fat kid

[Thanks to Sam for lyrics]

[Thanks to jacob for corrections]
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