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Move Toward The Darkness

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Move Toward The Darkness Song Lyrics

The Addams Family Cast
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Move Toward The Darkness Gomez:
Right and wrong,
Who's to say which we should refuse?
All we know,
love survives either way we choose.
Where, you ask,
do we go when the world's not right?
You and I, we reply, someplace out of sight.

Move toward the darkness
welcome the unknown
Face your blackest demons
Find your weakest bone
Lost your inhibitions
Love what once was vile
Move toward the darkness and smile

Morticia, Wednesday and Company:
Move toward the darkness
Don't avoid despair
Only at our weakest
can we learn what's fair

When you face your nightmares
Then you'll know what's real

Move toward the darkness and feel

Lurch and Company:

Move toward the darkness
Conquering your pain
Let each foreign forest
Offer you its rain
Only at our lowest
Can we rise above
Move toward the darkness
Move toward the darkness

Gomez and Morticia:
Move toward the darkness and

Lurch and Company:
Love (love, love, love, love)

(Are you unhappy, my darling?)
(Oh, yes - yes, completely.)

[Thanks to Joel Richardson for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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Move Toward The Darkness The Addams Family Cast

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